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Asset Protection 101

Critical History

Judgment Day

The Way

Training Day
(updated April 11, 2005)

On June 15th, 2002,

in Grand Vista Hotel at Grand Junction, Colorado, we held our last self controlled asset protection system management training.

It was a basic training where participants learned the necessities of competent self controlled asset protection system's.  The training places special focus on understanding one's capacity while acting in any capacity within any asset protection system.

Understand, and staying within, one's capacity is mandatory for anyone wanting to be successful in managing any asset protection.

Our training system is being put into a training album that will be provided to anyone that purchases a Way of King's™ asset protection system.  That album will include this basic training and other materials to help anyone understand how to properly manage a properly set asset protection system successfully.

Though, we had not intended to have another training like this last one in production of the training album we decided that we needed some more materials recorded that will help people better understand how to operate such systems and not incur tax liabilities; wherefore, we have decided to hold another such training session—this may be your last opportunity to attend such a training.

As before, this training, and the training album that goes with each of our systems, are the only training The Way of Kings™ provides.  The Way of Kings™ patrons are all Team Law beneficiaries and have full support from Team Law, wherefore no other Way of Kings™ training is necessary.

The training will only be available to The Way of Kings™ partons.

The asset protection industry is a multi-trillion dollar per year industry. Demographics indicate the pre-qualified market for competent self-controlled asset protection systems is at least four times larger than the current industry.  We do not believe the industry can retool and catch up to our systems for at least five years, but once the word, on how powerful our systems are, is out they will have no choice but to follow.  Our intention in making these systems available is three fold:

  1. It is the perfect opportunity to awaken our nation (and the world) to the truth about government, about our own nature, and about the necessity of repenting and returning to the Covenant way of life prescribed by the King of Kings in Man's first Law, "...multiply, replenish and subdue the earth...for the purpose of building up His Kingdom on earth...", with his promise that if we "obey the Law and remain not of this world..." we will receive our inheritance; if not we have no promise. Especially in these times, it is a necessity that we get this message out and change our lives. The scripture is true, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and after it shall all things be given unto you."  Let us be perfectly clear, though you may base your religious beliefs on this foundation, these are points of law; further, we are not showing people how to secure the assets they develop and control in such a way that they cannot be taken from your control except in accord with your own desire as you apply that Law.
  2. To provide the funds and manpower necessary to both create a professional law firm supporting The Way of Kings™ asset protection systems and to support our efforts to re-seat our original jurisdiction government by providing people with the truth about Land and property (assets) ownership, control and usage (protection) so that we can preserve our rights, liberty and freedom for our generations to come.
  3. To support Team Law for the great work they have already done by helping expand their beneficiary base making Team Law the #1 most recognized source for accuracy in support and self-education in Law, Government and History.

If you are interested in the training, please let us know.

The time and date of this training has not yet been set but we expect to have it in Grand Junction, Colorado, in the Spring of 2006.

Taking action.   If you are interested now in training you can take action by participating with us on our Open Forum.  You can also continue to learn more here by following these links in order: Asset Protection 101, Critical History, Judgment Day, The Way of Kings™ Way

When you understand the necessity of living a life consecrated to building up the Kingdom of the King of Kings in peace and prosperity and you desire a competent asset protection system with the incredible live ongoing training that comes with every Way of Kings™ Asset Protection System (Team Law support), click this link: Purchase a System.