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Asset Protection 101

Critical History

Judgment Day

The Way

About The Way of Kings™

Welcome!  And, thank you for your interest in The Way of Kings™ asset protection system.

You may ask, "What is The Way of Kings™".

It is exactly what its name says; it is the way of Kings.  Imagine you were a King.  What would you do?  What would you own?  How would you live?  What purpose would your life have?  How would you develop the kingdom?  Would you pass the kingdom down to your posterity?  Kings do not themselves own property, they simply control its development for the kingdom and when they do that well, the kingdom has the ability to provide for their King's needs.  Being a successful King is not about ruling over others; it is about building the kingdom so that others will have the resources and ability to maintain the kingdom and rule themselves—thus, they willingly provide for the King.

The Way of Kings™ is both a way of life and the name of a company that sets up asset protection systems, custom designed to the needs of our Patrons. Since mankind was created in the image of his Creator who endowed man with: Dominion, Agency and Possession (the three components of Sovereignty) man is sovereign.  In other words, man was created a King.  Therefore, why do we not act like kings?  We imagine people do not act like kings because they don't know how.  They simply live their lives as they come, which has the tendency of either leading them into a rut, with little or nothing to show for where they have been, or they find themselves developing assets but not knowing how to protect themselves or those assets from the perils of our times.

These facts should cause man to plan and prepare his life accordingly; but most people simply forgot or paid no heed to the incredible fact that they are sovereign.  That's where The Way of Kings™ comes in.  The Way of Kings™ specializes in generating asset protection systems patterned after the style of Kings; even though our Patrons live in a material world filled with usurpers, wolves and powers of governance that do all they can to take or control whatever you may build up.  The Way of Kings™ asset protection systems are designed to prevail, even when all else fails.

The Way of Kings™ does not follow the conventional path of the Asset Protection Industry, which is based upon greed and avarice looking toward the future while trying to avoid or evade obligations from the past. We take a far different path looking back to creation to discover both who we are and what our responsibilities and relations with others are. Without that step no system can be truly secure.  From that foundation people discover how to live the way they believe.

It's a simple fact: when most people honestly look at themselves and at the people around them they notice almost no one truly lives the way they believe or profess to believe.  We believe this is caused by a lack of understanding.  For example: most people believe it is right and proper to obey, honor and sustain the law; but, how can anyone do that if they don’t know what the law is?  The same goes for life.

The Way of Kings™ is simply an asset protection system provider. In fact that is all The Way of Kings™ does; that is, they design, sell and provide the most powerful, yet simple, custom self-controlled assault-proof asset protection systems available anywhere. The aristocracy of wealth and power teach their children from birth about the importance of such control, yet if you were not born an aristocrat The Way of Kings™ is the only source we are aware of for such systems.

To accomplish true asset protection, one must first realize there are three elemental environments for assets that need education and protection: Mind, Body and Kingdom; all of which are driven by the man’s Spirit.  Though The Way of Kings™ is an asset protection system generating company, this website is not limited to just that; in fact as you acquire access to our full website's features you will discover significant tools for developing perfect health in the body and mind as well.  We do this because developing the Kingdom is one thing, if you are not fit to enjoy your stewardship, and your posterity, what is the point of it all.

We hope you will use our asset protection services and continue to study with us.  You will find our information is helpful when you apply it.  Feel free to send your friends, contacts and family to us.

Be well!

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