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An Introduction to:

Asset Protection Systems 101

Thank you for your interest in The Way of Kings™.  The Asset Protection Industry is a multi-trillion dollar a year industry generally controlled by attorneys, accountants and trust mills.  As with all industries, businesses in the Asset Protection Industry are formed to make money.  Though the cost of systems, or system components (Trusts, Corporations and Partnerships), varies greatly from one provider to another, cost is not the sole consideration in setting up a system.  When you want to buy a car you can go to any major car dealership in the country and find a reasonable car that will serve your needs.  Just about any manufacturer’s product will do the job, though personal past experience, look and feel will largely direct your ultimate decision.  However, most people looking to the Asset Protection Industry for products have: little personal past experience, no idea what each component of their system does or should look like and thus easily fall prey to the industry’s marketing professionals, who practice the art of providing products the buyer does not understand and the seller will not disclose.  The only information generally available to people looking for asset protection is the information provided by marketers in the Asset Protection Industry.  For the most part that information is tainted by the presentation, which is mostly designed to make the buyer feel the pressure of the necessity for the new system and the need to buy it from this presenter.

Professionals, like attorneys, cannot disclose how they do what they do because of their preconception that if the people understood what they were doing they would not need the professional.

It is right and proper to obey, honor and sustain the law; however, it is impossible to either obey, or honor, or sustain the law if you do not know what the law is.  Most people today are ignorant about the law and turn to attorneys to represent them in legal matters.  Such a situation is intolerable in asset protection because it requires control by someone other than the principal in legal matters.  The number one rule in asset protection is control.  To have asset protection, you must maintain control.  To maintain control in an asset protection system you must know the law regarding it—that is exactly why The Way of Kings™ requires all of its patrons must have a resource like Team Law before they can purchase any asset protection system components from The Way of Kings™. Team Law helps our patrons learn the law so they can understand how to properly control their asset protection systems.

The Industry generally collects approximately 10% of the flow of assets from any given system it generates.  That means the average cost of a system includes its initial cost plus 10% of the annual flow.  At The Way of Kings™ there are no ongoing fees, future or hidden costs standard in other systems.

There are two ways to get an asset protection system—you can contract with someone else to get one or you can learn how to do it yourself.  Either way, you are left with only what you already know about managing the system once you buy or build it.  However, all of The Way of Kings'™ patrons are Team Law Beneficiaries and therefore have a competent resource for continual learning regarding proper use and management of their Asset Protection System.

There are generally two types of system providers available in the industry: the professional attorneys/accountants or other organizations that specialize in (or sell on the side) asset protection systems.  In either group there are specialists whose only business is asset protection systems; these are typically called trust mills, because their mainstay is trust sales.  The object of professionalism is to satisfy the client without letting them know what is being done or why.  The object of any asset protection system is obviously to protect assets.  Most such system providers accomplish that by removing ownership and control of the assets from you, which does indeed protect the assets from you and you from the assets.  That is also the problem.

The idea of asset protection is to protect the assets, but the idea in developing assets is to control their use and your enjoyment of them as the need fits.  The process of making available the use and enjoyment of an asset is where most systems fail.  Either there will be a nexus (binding link) between the holder of the asset prior to the system and after its creation or there will be a continuing thread of control, which can be exploited.  Thus, the system is breeched by someone holding a liability against either the asset or its owner, rendering conventional systems useless.  Entities especially efficient at rendering such systems useless are IRS and state taxing agencies.  The reason they are so good at what they do is not because they are evil or have governmental powers.  The reason is generally such asset protection systems were poorly designed in an environment where the parties involved owed taxes and were trying to get out of paying them.  It is impossible to lawfully create an asset protection system to eliminate a debt that already exists.  The proper solution to taxation is: learn the law and apply it — if you then still owe taxes, pay them.

Most attorneys and system providers act as if they have no idea how to properly transfer assets into new systems.  Thus, even if they knew how to properly set up an unassailable system the system is made useless because of improper acquisitions or transfers.

That’s where we differ; The Way of Kings™ does not follow the conventional path of the Asset Protection Industry, which is based upon greed and avarice looking toward the future while trying to avoid or evade obligations from the past.  We take a far different path looking back to creation to discover both who we are and what our responsibilities and relations are with others.  From that foundation we discover how simple it is to make our lives fit with our beliefs and covenants.  It is a simple fact: when most people honestly look at themselves and at the people around them they will notice almost no one that truly lives the way they believe or profess to believe.  We do not believe that is because the people are not good; we believe it is caused by their lack of understanding how.  We have found that when people first remember their origin and covenants related thereto, then notice the environment of their current relations they discover necessary elements that secure the foundation of their new asset protection system.  We also find that including such necessary elements in a Foundational Instrument changes their lives infinitely for the better; they begin to naturally live exactly the way they believe — and that, more than anything else, secures whatever components they desire in their custom designed asset protection system.

The Way of Kings™ is simply an asset protection system provider. In fact that is all The Way of Kings™ does; that is, we design, sell and provide the most powerful, yet simple, custom self-controlled assault-proof asset protection systems available anywhere.   The aristocracy of wealth and power teaches their children from birth about the importance of competent control of asset protection systems, yet if you were not born an aristocrat, The Way of Kings™ is the only source we are aware of for such systems.  Further, The Way of Kings™ Foundational Instruments secure your covenants and God’s Law as the controlling foundation to everything else you do thus putting the property in the asset protection system out of reach of any conventional system’s attack or review. That makes The Way of King’s™ systems far more powerful than those used by the aristocracy of wealth and power, and far less expensive.

Because all Way of Kings™ systems are based upon our Foundational Instruments, which secure your covenants with God in Law, in order to provide you with a Way of Kings™ asset protection system, we need to first review with you whether or not you have accepted the Law of Consecration by covenant as a binding element in your life (most people have in principle but have never learned how to apply or live it).  This is critically important because it is one of the most powerful guide posts mankind has ever had.  In fact it is the First Law Adam received, the foundation upon which all else follows, which, when followed, unlocks the windows of heaven allowing us to fulfill our Father’s will and receive our hearts desires.  In the world today pride, greed and avarice have compelled that understanding to lie buried in our unconsciousness as a stumbling block most people don’t even notice.  It stands as the main reason people today do not generally live the way they profess to believe—they simply don’t know how.

With that foundation, we then do a simple interview to assess your needs. The interview produces the information, we need to design the system that fits your needs and accordingly allows us to generate such a system.

To build a competent asset protection system, The Way of Kings™ applies the following ancient rules:

  • Control within a person’s stewardship is absolutely necessary.
  • To remain ‘not of the world’ the person and their covenant stewardship are never directly used in commerce.
  • Control is operated, for the purpose of the covenant, through the agency of business entities like Corporations, Trusts and Partnerships.
  • Corporations are used only when a business is either, of a nature that has at least its own on staff litigating attorney, or, it is not under your own hands-on control (off-shore, foreign, etc.).
  • Trusts are used only: to control governments, to control corporations or to control asset flow; and,
  • When Trusts are used it must be remembered: the only capacity one can control a trust from is, Trustee.
  • Limited Partnerships are used for most hands-on business relationships.
  • Sole Proprietorships are not used at all, ever!  Using such would normally violate the covenant mentioned above.
  • We never simply convey assets from one point to another; rather, all transactions must be made at fair market value.

The Way of Kings™ follows these simple guidelines to custom design and build asset protection systems.  The most unique and powerful part of a Way of Kings™ asset protection system is its Foundational Instrument, which binds the system to ancient law and to the covenants between man and God such that those covenants are secured as the basis of all of your other relations and the system cannot be penetrated against your will. Such systems are not available from any other source.  Imagine having a set of documents you can refer to at any time that plainly state the sacred nature of your covenants with your Father in Heaven and secure those covenants as the foundation of everything else you do, then imagine those documents having the power to secure God’s Laws over man’s laws in any situation even in man’s courts, even in employment relations, regardless of any other implied contractual relation.  It is truly incredible!

Control is the key; think about it, how could you possibly fulfill your purpose in life if you give up control?  The problem with conventional asset protection systems is that the Asset Protection Industry seems not to know how to set up self-controlled systems.  They attempt to use trusts or corporations for everything and they protect assets by removing both ownership and control from the person that generated the assets to begin with (that will absolutely protect the assets from you—then again you may no longer have any ability to direct, use or enjoy them either). Remember, if you don’t have control (you’re not the Trustee) and you were hired as a general manager or Administrator — you can be fired just as easily!  That’s not asset protection — that’s a fool’s move. Next, they vacate any protection from you that may have existed by having you grant assets into the system — which creates a General Partnership between you and the system they create and you remain in a vulnerable situation with no control and you retain subject accountability if the system comes under attack. Again, such systems are common in the industry and people aware of the dangers call them fool’s moves.

The fact that such systems are nearly all that is available from the Asset Protection Industry is exactly why we were compelled to offer a better solution—one that fits in accord with both God’s Laws and man's laws. One that magnifies your ability to fulfill your purpose on earth and allows you to maintain total control of the system as it grows. One that allows you to generate your lifetime's potential and thereafter continues on the purpose you set — moving forward with your intentions even after you pass on.

Taking action.   It always comes down to one thing, taking action.  Making a knowledgable decision regarding securing an asset protection system is necessary, but a prolonged study of all of the sources of asset protection systems in the world will not get the job done; only one thing secures assets — we must take action and put a system in place.

When you understand the necessity of living a life consecrated to the purpose of building up the Kingdom of the King of Kings, in peace and prosperity, and you desire a competent asset protection system custom designed for you to that end, click this link: Purchase a System.  Please remember, as you make that purchase, if you are not a Team Law beneficiary and thus, do not qualify for the discounts we offer such beneficiaries, we will nominate you for a Team Law beneficiary endowment—see the details for such nominations in our Store.

If you need to study more to make that decision, follow these links in order: Critical History, Judgment Day, The Way of Kings™ Way.