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Asset Protection 101

Critical History

Judgment Day

The Way of Kings™ Way

All agreements of any kind made with the Way of Kings™ are private agreements made in accord with God’s Law (Torah) as referenced in the foundational Instruments that control the Way of King's General Partner, which instruments set said Law as the law base and set the Kingdom of Israel as the sole venue for all agreements so made.

The Way of Kings™ organization is a Limited Partnership. The Way of Kings™ General Partner is, Eric W. Madsen, G.P., who holds no more than 1% interest in the Partnership. The remainder of the Partnership Interest is held by other private parties. Nearly, 75% of any Partnership Interest that will ever be distributed from the Partnership has already been dedicated to building up and supporting original jurisdiction business interests the first of which will be a law firm dedicated to supporting people and businesses operating in accord with original jurisdiction laws of the United States of America and stewardships formed in accord with God’s Laws. The law firm’s attorneys will work exclusively for The Way of Kings™ and its Patrons; its patrons will be able to use such attorneys for the cost of logistic expenses (room, board and travel expenses) related to fighting a case. The remaining 25% interest is distributed to the private supporters that put forth the initial funds that were necessary for The Way of Kings™ to get started and function during its first two years.

The Way of Kings™ operates on a zero profit base. Every cent of costs for each product provided through The Way of Kings™ is paid out of The Way of Kings™ to provide that product. That means that The Way of Kings™ has no markup on its prices for any of its products. The Way of Kings™ has an annual base cost of operation that does not change, which is $96,000.00. This base cost is proportionally derived from each system sold. The Way of Kings™ sells its systems and a few other products to its Patron’s. Each Patron’s system has its specific costs which are added to the total cost of that system. The Way of Kings™ adds an additional 10% to each product purchased. That 10% markup is used by the Way of Kings™ for marketing and is accordingly granted directly to the Patron referral source that referred the new Patron to the Way of Kings™. That 10% is granted directly into the referring Patron’s Account.

The Way of Kings™ Patron Accounts:
From the moment anyone pays any amount to the Way of Kings™ for any subscription, product or service, the Way of Kings™ opens a Patron Account and charges that account with the base costs for a Way of Kings™ asset protection system.  Thus, each Patron Account is opened with a -$7,639.50 balance.  Because all Patron Accounts belong to the Way of Kings™, there is never a mandatory obligation binding the Patron to ever pay any amount to said Patron Account; however, no component of any Way of Kings™ asset protection system will be provided to the Patron until it is paid for out of said Patron Account.  It is important to remember: these systems are private systems built upon required foundations, which foundations are elemental to the Way of Kings’™ costs, which costs are accordingly non-refundable once they are collected into a Patron Account.  Patron Accounts are used to collect payments, grants, etc. made towards Patron specific asset protection systems, which, when paid for are provided to the specific Patron for which the system was generated.  The Way of Kings™ is basically a packaging service that only customizes, packages and sells asset protection systems to its privately contracting patrons.  Thus, once a Patron pays any amount into said Patron Account, the Way of Kings™ reserves the right to the sale and privately contracts with others to provide the respective proprietary components of the system that will be packaged for the Patron; accordingly, the Way of Kings™ charges its Patron exactly the same amount the Way of Kings™ pays for each element of every asset protection system to be packaged and provided.  As the Patron pays funds towards said asset protection system the stated negative balance of the Patron Account moves towards $0.00.  When the account is paid in full, the Patron is qualified to purchase elements of their asset protection system, like limited partnerships, trusts and corporations.

The Way of Kings™ base costs (and system prices):
The paragraphs under this heading break down the elemental components and costs for each Way of Kings™ asset protection system.

Team Law Beneficiary Family Endowment: As noted above, the Way of Kings™ is basically a packaging service and as such, provides no education, management or support for the systems we generate; and, because we want to make sure our patrons have the resources to know how to use and manage our systems, before we generate any component of any asset protection system, we require each of our patrons to have their own means for self-education and support of their understanding contracts, management and use of the systems we generate.  Because Team Law is the only source we are aware of for such a self-education service, the Way of Kings™ requires all of its Patrons must have a Team Law Beneficiary Family Endowment before we provide any component to any asset protection system.  Thus, if a Patron does not already have such an endowment with Team Law, when they sufficiently demonstrate their active participation in securing their asset protection system from the Way of Kings™, we will nominate them for a lifetime Team Law Beneficiary Endowment. We are able to so nominate such patrons because the Way of Kings™ has already donated in excess of $1,000.00 to Team Law and was respectively granted the privilege of nominating a someone for a lifetime Team Law Beneficiary Family Endowment.  However, If our Patron is already a Team Law Beneficiary we grant them a discount from the cost of our systems.  Patrons with Team Law endowments are granted discounts:

Individual Endowment ....... $764.50; and,
Family Endowment ........ $1,034.50.

The bottom line: by the time a Way of Kings™ Patron’s Asset Protection System Account balance reaches $6,600.00, they will already either be a Team Law Beneficiary with a Family Endowment or the Way of Kings™ will have nominated them to receive such an endowment.

Foundational Instruments: Each system the Way of Kings™ produces is based upon the Way of Kings™ Foundational Instruments; thus, the Foundational Instruments are a mandatory requirement for every Way of Kings™ asset protection system. The Foundational Instruments cost the Way of Kings™ $1,100.00 to generate, which cost is accordingly an elemental part of the base cost of each asset protection system.  Therefore, when a Way of Kings™ Patron has a Team Law Beneficiary Family Endowment we can generate their Foundational Instruments; once the base costs for those instruments are paid:

Foundational Instruments ....... $ 1,100.00 (including said 10% markup).

Base Cost: Though The Way of Kings™ will produce the Patron’s Foundational Instruments before the final base costs are collected or paid, every Way of Kings™ asset protection system also has a production base cost.  Patrons may pay any amount into the Patron Account at any time and let it accumulate until this final base cost is paid in full; after which time, the Patron may add any asset protection system element to their system. Said final base cost is:

Production Base Cost ....... $ 5,500.00 (including said 10% markup).

System Prices: When adding asset protection system elements to a Patron’s system, the element must be paid for in full before The Way of Kings™ will generate the element.  Time necessary to generate a asset protection system element, from funding the element to its generation, is usually two days.  This remains constant for all systems and all elements when the patron has provided The Way of Kings™ the necessary information for the element’s creation.  The standard elements that may be added to any system once base costs are made are as follows:

Corporations: We rarely use corporations because they are so subject to runaway expenses in litigation. Such expenses are totally out of the corporations control and can gobble millions of dollars in litigation costs before a case even gets near trial. In one case we even saw attorney expenses from a committee of attorneys that were appointed by a court as “Guardian at litem” that consumed several million dollars of assets from a system of linked corporations; once that assets were gone the attorneys moved for a dismissal of the case for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, because the corporations had no assets left so the court could not grant an order for relief where nothing existed. The attorneys also petitioned the court for relief from the corporation because it could not afford to pay them for their continued counsel—the court dismissed the case, released the attorneys and congratulated them for a job well done—after all they protected the Corporation from the lawsuit, which is why the court appointed them as guardians. Meanwhile, the man that built the multimillion dollar business system had been in the hospital, unable to come to court due to a surgery that left him a paraplegic (which was why the court appointed the Guardian). The man went into the hospital a wealthy man in control of several successful Corporations and came out of the hospital a paraplegic in financial ruin. This is exactly why The Way of Kings™ would only use a corporation in a situation where the nature of the corporation was such that it needs and has an on staff full time litigating attorney—in which case litigation costs are nothing more than any other daily cost of doing business and courts do not then appoint guardians. The corporation is the natural progression for any business that grows to the point where it needs an on staff litigating attorney. Otherwise we would avoid them like a plague.

(When needed) Corporation .......... $ 75.00+ whatever the respective state charges are (usually $ 150.00 to $ 350.00).

Trusts: When using Trusts it is wise to remember the rules stated above. We only use them to control governments, corporations and (positive or negative) asset flow. Again, like with corporations, we avoid using trusts in situations where they are exposed to lawsuits, unless the asset held in trust is a dangerous asset, like a car, then the only asset held in trust would be that asset, thus limiting the risk of potential loss to the asset itself. Trusts are an extremely valuable tools, when used correctly; almost every system uses them.

Trust ....... $ 82.50 (including said 10% markup).

Limited Partnerships: This elemental tool is the most powerful tool of any asset protection system; it is the nature of the best protected businesses entities that have not grown to the point of needing an on staff litigating attorney. Limited Partnerships have none of the disadvantages of corporations and most of their advantages along with the advantages of natural people. For example: a Limited Partnership’s General Partner can speak for the Partnership even in court, just like a natural man, so lawsuit costs are limited to your own expenses to attack or defend. Limited Partnerships can hire attorneys if they want to, but they cannot be compelled to. Limited Partnerships are protected by all of the same rights of any natural man as well as by the privileges of their business entity’s nature.

Limited Partnership ........ $ 935.00 (including said 10% markup).

The Way of Kings™ asset protection systems compare to the Industries standards like Fort Knox compares to a breath of wind.

Your understanding, management and use of your Way of Kings™ system with Team Law’s support cannot even be compared to the Industry’s standard systems because they generally have no support, the Industry standard is to put you in their hands leaving you like a toddling infant—where you can be controlled, totally dependant upon their support.

Our intention in making these systems available is three fold:

  • To awaken you to the truth about government, about your own nature, sovereignty and accountability to our Heavenly Father, and about the necessity of repenting and returning to a Covenant way of life as prescribed by the King of Kings in Man’s first Law: “be fruitful and multiply, replenish and subdue the earth…for the purpose of building up His Kingdom on earth”, with His promise that if you “obey that Law and remain not of this world” then will you receive your inheritance; if not, you have no promise.  The scripture is true, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and after it shall all things be given unto you.”  That is exactly why we call it, “The Way of Kings™”.
  • To provide you with a source for competent asset protection systems for your control of Land and property, ownership and usage so that you can preserve your rights, liberty and freedom for generations to come, as you build up the Kingdom according to your will.
  • To teach you how to secure, develop and control assets in such a way that they cannot be taken from your control except in accord with your own desires and in accord with the Law of Consecration, which stands fully separate and controlling over man’s laws.

Because, The Way of Kings™ self-controlled asset protection systems (custom designed, self-controlled & assault-proof) are so different from what the current Asset Protection Industry provides, w e realize the only way for you to learn the reality of what we offer is to get involved with us and let us set up your system A.S.A.P. Our systems are all made up of the most ancient elements and are bound to the foundational laws God gave man. That is one of the reasons why our systems are so incomparable. While most of the commercial world is turning from God to delve into the philosophies of man we turned our vision back to the guidance given to the prophets of old and from their most ancient writings we discovered the key that unlocks all of the promises made to man for all eternity—the way of the King of Kings—it’s incredible.

If you would like to talk to someone regarding these matters you may feel free to call:

We hope this information is helpful to you. Again, to provide you more specific information, we have to know what your interests and needs are.

Taking action.   It always comes down to one thing, taking action.  All of the sources and study in the world will not get the job done; only one thing does that.  We must take action.  When the necessary action is study and education, we must find a source that fulfills the need.  To learn more (if you have not already read them), follow these links in order: Asset Protection 101, Critical History, Judgment Day

When you understand the necessity of living a life consecrated to building up the Kingdom of the King of Kings in peace and prosperity and you desire a competent asset protection system with the incredible live ongoing training that comes with every Way of Kings™ Asset Protection System (Team Law support), click this link: Purchase a System.