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The Way

Welcome to The Way of Kings
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What is The Way of Kings?
The Way of Kings™ is a company that sets up custom designed asset protection systems taking all elements provided into consideration; and, since mankind was created in the image of his Creator who endowed man with: Dominion, Agency and Possession (the three components of Sovereignty), man is sovereign.  In other words, man was created as a King under God.

This fact should cause mankind to plan and prepare to live life accordingly, but most people simply forgot or paid no heed to this incredible fact.  That’s where The Way of Kings™ comes in.  The Way of Kings™ specializes in generating asset protection systems patterned after the style of Kings, even though our Patrons live in a material world filled with usurpers, wolves and powers of governance that do all they can to take or control whatever you may build up.  The Way of Kings™ asset protection systems are designed to prevail, even when all else fails.  To read more of this article, follow this link: About The Way of Kings™

We're growing!
Our site is continuing to grow with new information and resources.  Please feel free to return regularly and notice the changes.  The following link will keep you updated with those changes.

Please also note: we are currently in the process of changing servers for our website so sending e-mail via any address related to that domain name will not work, please use our open forum system for all e-mail communication.

Coming Soon!
Health, Home Schooling, Marketing
Because the number one most important asset we each have is our own mind, body & spirit and those of our family, we are soon adding a page on Health and a page on Home Schooling.
To help or Patrons learn how to maximize the potential of our grant system we are soon adding a page on marketing.