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The number one most important assets we have are our mental, physical and spiritual health and fitness, which is exactly why we are adding the following pages to our website.  

Personal Health and Fitness

How many people do you know that truly live the way they believe or profess to believe?  We have been asking this question of people for several years and we only get three responses to the inquiry: not many, you can count them on one hand and none.  We do not believ the reason for that respons is that they are bad people, we believe they simply have no idea how to do it in these times.  That's why we formed The Way of Kings™ — to teach people the Way of the King of Kings as it was given to man from the beginning.  At Genesis 1:28 man is given the basis of the Law of Consecration; then at Genesis 1:29 and 3:19 man is given the key to perfect health.  Many systems have since been devised by man to loose weight and get fit, but none have improved on the simplicity of these scriptural guidelines.  When these guidelines are followed people the scripture promises perfect health.  We have witnessed and experienced the truth of that promise, which is why we decided to expand our site to include the asset protection system of developing perfect health patterned after the same program we use to secure all assets, the plan of the King of Kings.

Home Schooling

How can we develop perfect health if we do not live it and teach it to our families.  The most important responsibility we have as parents is to teach our children.  It has been said that children would be better off staying home and learning nothing than going to public school and learning the ungodly things they are taught that they should never have known — illicit sex, drug abuse, disrespect of family, gang violence and more.  But staying home from school and learning nothing is not enough either, because we do have the responsibility of giving our children the best education we can.  Today, the tool for providing such an education are more available to parents at home than anywhere else if we only knew where such tools can be had and how they can be provided to our children.

Our opinion regarding home schooling follows almost identically to Dr. Art Robinson’s, the founder of Robinson Curriculum.  Respectively, we provided the following link to his video introduction to his program.

Securing the proper education of our children is the only way to protect our most precious asset and to build our home in the hereafter.  We welcome your input on this matter in our Open Forum.