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Asset Protection 101

Critical History

Judgment Day

Own a piece of, The Way of Kings™

As noted in The Way of Kings™ Way, The Way of Kings™ is a Limited Partnership owned by its partners. To learn how the partnership works and how partners become partners, you will have to be Patron of The Way of Kings™. That means you must register, then login and purchase something from The Way of Kings™.  Making any purchase from The Way of Kings™ will secure your position as a Way of Kings™ Patron’s.  If you have already registered, then login and select Links from the menu at the top of the screen; on the Links page you will find a link to Points, which will tell you how partners become partners.

If you are already registered but have not yet purchased anything Login and go to the Store and either Purchase Something or Deposit funds on Account, either action will give you access to the Points page.