Foundational Instruments

We have asked thousands of people, “How many people do you know that truly live the way they believe or profess to believe?”  We’ve only heard three answers: “None“, “Very few” and “You can count them on one hand.”  We believe the reason people give these answers are, they simply don’t know how to so live.  Their religious beliefs generally remain a part of their Sabbath worship services (if they actually attend such services), which may serve as a guide through the rest of the week; but, generally, the demands of their work-a-day world or other interests gain control over the balance of their time.  The scriptures admonish recognition that everything belongs to God; nonetheless, even if people recognize that, their purchasing practice shows they buy virtually everything using a taxpayer identification name and number.  Though the scriptures admonish: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and after it shall all things be given unto you”, the people simply don’t know how to move their work-a-day world into that perspective.  We believe that is the natural consequence of not knowing, or applying, who they are and/or not keeping their covenants to live in accord with God’s Law of Consecration (Gen. 1:28) — again, because they do not know how.

The Foundational Instruments acknowledge, and set in Law, the foundation of all relationships related to any man, woman or child that has accepted the covenants God has offered them.  By definition, the Foundational Instruments secure the private independent sovereign nature of the person named and acknowledge, in Law, that said person (along with all of their time, talent, effort, energy, everything they have ever had and everything they will ever have) is bound by said covenants to the building up of God’s Kingdom on this earth; which covenants remain controlling over all subsequent contracts or agreements of any nature.  Thus, the Foundational Instruments secure, in writing, God’s Law over man’s law and their covenants with God over their subsequent agreements with man and respectively with governments.

Of necessity, the Foundational Instruments reiterate man’s origin as a descendant of Adam, identify the Law of Consecration (and other covenants sacredly secured to man) and establish its control over all other relations regarding the man.  The Foundational Instruments remain private and incontestable in any jurisdiction.  The Foundational Instruments are the first element of, and the foundation of, every Way of Kings™ Asset Protection System.

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