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The Forum is Down.

The Way of Kings™ Forum is temporarily down.  We are working to replace it with the latest version of phpBB (version 3.2.1); but, we have run into some technicle dificulties we are working through. 

When the new forum is first initialized it will not have any registered users in it; therefore, you will need to first register on that new forum to to gain access to it.  All of the data and messages on the old forum were lost in the database crash; so, you will have to post your inquires there again, if yo9u want to see them.

Meanwhile, our store remains open for any of your service needs.  Temporarily, you may contact us for any assistance we may be able to provide at: The Way of Kings.

If you would like to register directly by mail, please send your request, with the appropriate payment, directly to us at:

The Way of Kings™                                     
c/o non-domestic                                          
202 North Avenue #186; near:        
Grand Junction, Colorado (81501)
The United States of America